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WebGL Solar System

February 12, 2015. Filed under Animation Web GL

Adventures with Web GL: 1 A relatively simple animation experiment to create a WebGL solar system with three.js exploring texturing, transparency, motion with compounded motions, camera movement and point lighting. One or more moons orbit the planets. The planets rotate about their own axis, and the planetary systems in turn orbit the Sun. Most of the planetary orbits lie on the ecliptic plane… Read more »

Home Page

Welsh Chapels

December 6, 2014. Filed under Design Development Wordpress

Following a disastrous project start with a totally inept designer hipster, myself and Leigh at Orangeleaf redesigned and rebuilt this massive site in just a few weeks. to a very high standard. Feature rich, it has maps, sliders, complex searching and integration with offline databases. See here for all the techie stuff…  


Hollow Sky

September 4, 2014. Filed under Design Development Wordpress

A new website for Shropshire metal band: Hollow Sky. Features: Events, Downloads, Multimedia, Galleries and integration with Soundcloud


Elite Football

November 27, 2013. Filed under Design Wordpress

New tipster website for Elite Football. Features a membership system with subscription billing.


Paraletica Heavy Metal

November 9, 2013. Filed under Design Development Wordpress

High impact website for Midlands speed metal band. The site has plenty of features including slideshows a fully featured shop events system countdown (to next show) galleries streaming video It’s fully responsive design makes it equally at home viewed on desktop or mobile browsers.

MySQL developer


December 22, 2012. Filed under MySQL Stored Procedures

DELIMITER $$ CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` FUNCTION `capitalise`(input VARCHAR(255)) RETURNS varchar(255) CHARSET latin1 DETERMINISTIC BEGIN DECLARE len INT; DECLARE i INT; SET len = CHAR_LENGTH(input); SET input = LOWER(input); SET i = 0; WHILE (i < len) DO IF (MID(input,i,1) = ‘ ‘ OR i = 0) THEN IF (i < len) THEN SET input = CONCAT(… Read more »


Midlands Panoramics

October 18, 2012. Filed under Design Development Features Wordpress

Midlands Panoramics are a fully licensed and insured organisation employing high-specification Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) able to deliver all the capabilities of a helicopter, microlite or aeroplane – and much more – at a fraction of the risk and cost and without many of the weather and time constraints.



August 26, 2012. Filed under Development Wordpress

New website for Music promoter Souled – an artist management and development company founded by Susan Vickers. Susan has over 28 years of experience in the industry having managed and promoted artists from both the United Kingdom and the United States. Her repertoire reveals a kaleidoscope of individuals and organisations, having worked with the likes… Read more »


Get the Picture Framers Web Application

March 29, 2012. Filed under Development Testimonials

I recently completed an online framing quotation system for Shrewsbury framer, Get the Picture. The system provides management of customers, materials and jobs. Thanks for creating a smooth running website database returning consistent pricing results alongside clean user friendly design. Martin from Get the Picture Shrewsbury Ltd.  


John Gray Centre Website

March 25, 2012. Filed under Development Wordpress

The John Gray Centre brings together East Lothian’s Archaeology, Museum, Archive and Local History Services, alongside Haddington’s branch library. In the Centre and on this website you can delve into East Lothian’s heritage, find resources to help you at school or in your studies, and browse through our images and maps. Search our catalogues and… Read more »